Various data from Weblate is available in machine-readable format.

RSS feeds

Follow the translation progress and all important changes from RSS feeds.

Project URL Link
MetaGer RSS
MetaGer/404 RSS
MetaGer/410 RSS
MetaGer/429 RSS
MetaGer/500 RSS
MetaGer/503 RSS
MetaGer/About RSS
MetaGer/Ad RSS
MetaGer/Adblocker RSS
MetaGer/App RSS
MetaGer/Asso RSS
MetaGer/Auth RSS
MetaGer/Bitpay RSS
MetaGer/Captcha RSS
MetaGer/Desktop-Chrome RSS
MetaGer/Desktop-Edge RSS
MetaGer/Desktop-Firefox RSS
MetaGer/Desktop-Ie RSS
MetaGer/Desktop-Opera RSS
MetaGer/Desktop-Safari RSS
MetaGer/Desktop-Vivaldi RSS
MetaGer/Faktencheck RSS
MetaGer/Footer RSS
MetaGer/Help RSS
MetaGer/Help-Functions RSS
MetaGer/Help-Mainpages RSS
MetaGer/Help-Privacy-Protection RSS
MetaGer/Help-Services RSS
MetaGer/Icons RSS
MetaGer/Impressum RSS
MetaGer/Index RSS
MetaGer/Jugendschutz RSS
MetaGer/Kontakt RSS
MetaGer/Lang-Selector RSS
MetaGer/Membership RSS
MetaGer/Metager 1 RSS
MetaGer/Metagersearch RSS
MetaGer/Mg-Story RSS
MetaGer/Mobile-Chrome RSS
MetaGer/Mobile-Edge RSS
MetaGer/Mobile-Firefox RSS
MetaGer/Mobile-Firefox-Klar RSS
MetaGer/Mobile-Opera RSS
MetaGer/Pagination RSS
MetaGer/Partnershops RSS
MetaGer/Passwords RSS
MetaGer/Plugin RSS
MetaGer/Plugin-Page RSS
MetaGer/Prevention-Information RSS
MetaGer/Privacy RSS
MetaGer/Quicktip RSS
MetaGer/Researchandtabs RSS
MetaGer/Result RSS
MetaGer/Resultpage RSS
MetaGer/Results RSS
MetaGer/Search-Engine RSS
MetaGer/Settings RSS
MetaGer/Sidebar RSS
MetaGer/Sitesearch RSS
MetaGer/Spende RSS
MetaGer/Spendenaufruf RSS
MetaGer/Staticpages RSS
MetaGer/Team RSS
MetaGer/Tips RSS
MetaGer/Titles RSS
MetaGer/Tor RSS
MetaGer/Transparency RSS
MetaGer/Validation RSS
MetaGer/Websearch RSS
MetaGer/Widget RSS
MetaGer/Zitatsuche RSS
MetaGer/MetaGer RSS

Per language RSS feeds are also available. Construct them by appending a language code to the URLs above.


Translation statistics for every component in JSON format lets you use the data in other websites or tools.

Project URL Link
MetaGer/404 View
MetaGer/410 View
MetaGer/429 View
MetaGer/500 View
MetaGer/503 View
MetaGer/About View
MetaGer/Ad View
MetaGer/Adblocker View
MetaGer/App View
MetaGer/Asso View
MetaGer/Auth View
MetaGer/Bitpay View
MetaGer/Captcha View
MetaGer/Desktop-Chrome View
MetaGer/Desktop-Edge View
MetaGer/Desktop-Firefox View
MetaGer/Desktop-Ie View
MetaGer/Desktop-Opera View
MetaGer/Desktop-Safari View
MetaGer/Desktop-Vivaldi View
MetaGer/Faktencheck View
MetaGer/Footer View
MetaGer/Help View
MetaGer/Help-Functions View
MetaGer/Help-Mainpages View
MetaGer/Help-Privacy-Protection View
MetaGer/Help-Services View
MetaGer/Icons View
MetaGer/Impressum View
MetaGer/Index View
MetaGer/Jugendschutz View
MetaGer/Kontakt View
MetaGer/Lang-Selector View
MetaGer/Membership View
MetaGer/Metager 1 View
MetaGer/Metagersearch View
MetaGer/Mg-Story View
MetaGer/Mobile-Chrome View
MetaGer/Mobile-Edge View
MetaGer/Mobile-Firefox View
MetaGer/Mobile-Firefox-Klar View
MetaGer/Mobile-Opera View
MetaGer/Pagination View
MetaGer/Partnershops View
MetaGer/Passwords View
MetaGer/Plugin View
MetaGer/Plugin-Page View
MetaGer/Prevention-Information View
MetaGer/Privacy View
MetaGer/Quicktip View
MetaGer/Researchandtabs View
MetaGer/Result View
MetaGer/Resultpage View
MetaGer/Results View
MetaGer/Search-Engine View
MetaGer/Settings View
MetaGer/Sidebar View
MetaGer/Sitesearch View
MetaGer/Spende View
MetaGer/Spendenaufruf View
MetaGer/Staticpages View
MetaGer/Team View
MetaGer/Tips View
MetaGer/Titles View
MetaGer/Tor View
MetaGer/Transparency View
MetaGer/Validation View
MetaGer/Websearch View
MetaGer/Widget View
MetaGer/Zitatsuche View
MetaGer/MetaGer View

You can fetch statistics for all translations in one component like this:

curl \
    -H "Authorization: Token wlu_H1w4ZVrYOPVGQ8G4mA3yiTNcqBy5Nwv7rj11" \
Project URL Link
MetaGer Hook
MetaGer/404 Hook
MetaGer/410 Hook
MetaGer/429 Hook
MetaGer/500 Hook
MetaGer/503 Hook
MetaGer/About Hook
MetaGer/Ad Hook
MetaGer/Adblocker Hook
MetaGer/App Hook
MetaGer/Asso Hook
MetaGer/Auth Hook
MetaGer/Bitpay Hook
MetaGer/Captcha Hook
MetaGer/Desktop-Chrome Hook
MetaGer/Desktop-Edge Hook
MetaGer/Desktop-Firefox Hook
MetaGer/Desktop-Ie Hook
MetaGer/Desktop-Opera Hook
MetaGer/Desktop-Safari Hook
MetaGer/Desktop-Vivaldi Hook
MetaGer/Faktencheck Hook
MetaGer/Footer Hook
MetaGer/Help Hook
MetaGer/Help-Functions Hook
MetaGer/Help-Mainpages Hook
MetaGer/Help-Privacy-Protection Hook
MetaGer/Help-Services Hook
MetaGer/Icons Hook
MetaGer/Impressum Hook
MetaGer/Index Hook
MetaGer/Jugendschutz Hook
MetaGer/Kontakt Hook
MetaGer/Lang-Selector Hook
MetaGer/Membership Hook
MetaGer/Metager 1 Hook
MetaGer/Metagersearch Hook
MetaGer/Mg-Story Hook
MetaGer/Mobile-Chrome Hook
MetaGer/Mobile-Edge Hook
MetaGer/Mobile-Firefox Hook
MetaGer/Mobile-Firefox-Klar Hook
MetaGer/Mobile-Opera Hook
MetaGer/Pagination Hook
MetaGer/Partnershops Hook
MetaGer/Passwords Hook
MetaGer/Plugin Hook
MetaGer/Plugin-Page Hook
MetaGer/Prevention-Information Hook
MetaGer/Privacy Hook
MetaGer/Quicktip Hook
MetaGer/Researchandtabs Hook
MetaGer/Result Hook
MetaGer/Resultpage Hook
MetaGer/Results Hook
MetaGer/Search-Engine Hook
MetaGer/Settings Hook
MetaGer/Sidebar Hook
MetaGer/Sitesearch Hook
MetaGer/Spende Hook
MetaGer/Spendenaufruf Hook
MetaGer/Staticpages Hook
MetaGer/Team Hook
MetaGer/Tips Hook
MetaGer/Titles Hook
MetaGer/Tor Hook
MetaGer/Transparency Hook
MetaGer/Validation Hook
MetaGer/Websearch Hook
MetaGer/Widget Hook
MetaGer/Zitatsuche Hook
MetaGer/MetaGer Hook

You pull changes from a remote repository to Weblate like this:

curl \
    -d operation=pull \
    -H "Authorization: Token wlu_H1w4ZVrYOPVGQ8G4mA3yiTNcqBy5Nwv7rj11" \

Weblate also supports direct notifications from several code hosting sites:

Hosting site URL Note
GitHub The documentation has detailed instructions
GitLab The documentation has detailed instructions
Bitbucket The documentation has detailed instructions
Pagure The documentation has detailed instructions
Azure Repos The documentation has detailed instructions
Gitea The documentation has detailed instructions